Meet the Founders


As seen on the AM Show, Radio Live and in print publications, Tarryn has gained amazing traction with her insights around the impact of ‘living in the stress lane

Tarryn has spent years in the corporate wellness world, running stress management and mindfulness workshops for clients, she has co-hosted women retreats and is a qualified yoga and mindfulness teacher.

Her own journey and personal fascination with energy and how it governs the ability to shift beliefs / patterns, alleviate anxiety, improve health and wellbeing and transform relationships, lead her to study Theta and become a reiki practitioner.

As a mum, Tarryn believes that by enabling our kids to use spiritual tools at such an early age, literally transforms their life. From how kids navigate stress, assert boundaries, what and who they attract into their lives and how they manage emotions and obstacles.   A spiritual framework solidifies an inner relationship and resilience that becomes a catalyst for self-responsibility and ultimately a happier life.

Tarryn is mum to Ruby and Paige, step-mum to Eva and Sophie and together with her hubby Matt, they live on 5 acres in Rodney.   Now that the kids are old enough Tarryn is finally back in the saddle (literally) and attempting to reignite her passion for riding.  


Catherine started her career as an accountant and has owned a number of businesses including an arborist company that she currently runs with her husband Chris.

She has always been interested in spirituality, studying numerology at a young age. After having children she became more interested in health and wellness and studied health coaching in 2015 which lead her to running woman’s retreats around mindfulness and self care.

After a month long trip to India her passion for spirituality ignited again leading her to many courses in Quantum and Meta Physics. The science of energy and how it can be used to benefit us fascinates her and lead to her studying Reiki and becoming an Elohim and Theta healing practitioner.

Seeing how her children have thrived from energy work has turned her full circle to wanting to work with children and the next generation - to teach them what she wished she had known at their age.

Catherine lives in North Auckland on 35 acres with her husband and two teenage boys.