What is Energy?

A lot of our work at GenConscious involves using and manipulating energy. This can be hard to get your head around sometimes as energy is not something you can see - but we promise you it is definitely there, and the more you are aware of it, the more you can play with it.   In our workshops we often explain to the kids - it is like wifi - you can’t see it but you know when it’s there.

Let's have a look at some of the history behind energy. 

Many cultures have, and still, use energy in healing and spiritual practices.  The ancient Egyptians were very advanced and some believe the pyramids were not just tombs but also built to help guide energy for specific purposes.   Asian/Indian cultures were also very advanced and Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga, are practices that build up energy in the body and keep it flowing.  This has a multitude of benefits for health and wellness.

Reiki and other forms of energy healing are now becoming more mainstream and many hospitals around the world are now utilizing these techniques to help patients.  (Catherine and Tarryn are both trained in Reiki and other energy healing modalities and have taken parts of these trainings to develop the spiritual toolkit they offer through GenConscious). 

More recently, scientists have been exploring energy for centuries and it was Albert Einstein who became most famous for his calculations and studies.  He was a pioneer of Quantum Physics and his E=Mc2 equation explains how matter becomes energy. 

To put it simply, EVERYTHING is energy.  This can be hard to comprehend but scientifically, if we look at anything under a microscope and magnify it you will see atoms with electrons buzzing around causing energy.

Energy is always vibrating and these vibrations cause frequencies.  Dense matter is a lower vibration and lighter matter is a higher vibration.  

The chair you are sitting on is made up of energy - at a very dense vibration so to us it is staying still.  To get your head around it is hard but if you understand that everything is energy you are on the first step. 

So… if everything is energy then that means that WE are made up of energy.  

Here is a quick exercise to show you what your energy feels like. 

For 15 seconds tap your fingers together

For 15 seconds shake your hands from the wrist

Then, close  your eyes and put hands close together to feel your energy 

Now we know about energy and that it has been scientifically proven to be everywhere, then let's look at it from a spiritual perspective and see how we can use it to help us grow and heal. 

If everything is energy then thoughts and emotions are also energy.  

Emotion - Energy in motion.  

All these thoughts carry different frequencies/vibrations.  Thoughts and emotions that make you feel good carry a higher vibration eg , love, joy, happiness.  

People carry around different emotions and therefore are emitting different frequencies.  We all know the feeling of being around someone in a bad mood.  We can pick up on that straight away.  Or the saying “you could cut the air with a knife”.  Anger is a low vibrational frequency so is a lot more dense - hence the saying.  

As energy beings we pick up on these frequencies from others.  Children pick up on these a lot easier than adults.   That is why as parents we need to be careful of how we look after our own energies.  Coming home from work in a bad mood will instantly rub off onto our kids without them realising it.  Too much negative energy can be a cause of fear and anxiety.

In our next blog we will focus more on how kids pick up on emotions and how we can help them clear the energy around them and how we as parents can work on our own energy. 

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